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    On this site you will hopefully find a balanced view of our experiences at Sydney High. If you are Class of '98, your submissions are needed to make this site as balanced as it can be.

    It didn't have to be done. We could all have split up after the end of the HSC, seeing each other for the last time at the formal. Never getting to see each other again. A phase in our lives past...

    At the top of this page there are links to a few comical things. Also, check out the school song page for a bit of aural stimulation. Now there are even photos put up.

    Yep, We've come a long way from those grubby Year Sevens we once were.

    Edward Chan

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    Coming soon

    Missing Persons page (exports)

    The complete below the belt SBHS QUAKE MAP!!! Please email Ben D. right now to bug him to finish it off!

    Captain's final address: Hurry up JOSH!!!

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